Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Terrible Blogger!!!

The thing about keeping a blog is that you actually have to update it regularly otherwise your biggest fans (Kennedy Brooke) will wonder what has happened to you!! So, where do I begin? Well I ended up not being able to go to a Jimmy Kimmel taping with the Kardashians due to some scheduling problems here at the house (I got to babysit little Avery, my cousin Jay's daughter instead) but that was okay. To make up for this however, my Aunt Robin made me an appointment to have my hair cut and colored at a very fancy salon named Prive here in Bevely Hills by a Parisian woman named Karren (pronounced Kadeen)..I won't put the amount of the cut and color but let's just say it was greater than my last month's house payment!!!!


  1. Your followers want pics of your hair!!!

  2. I love your hair!!!!! Also, suprised you didn't just remove ALL of your clothes!!!! Love ya, Miss ya.