Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another exciting thing worth mentioning: Every morning Aunt Robin and I go for a walk, 6 miles total, the first 2 1/2 is to get to a little bakery name Le Conversation where we sit and have coffee and toast and then walk the 3 1/2 back home. We always sit outside on the sidewalk as L.A. has the most beautiful weather and really it's the only place I wouldn't be to hot to sit outside and eat!! So we walk up to "our table" and realize it's taken by a guy with a mohawk and his lady friend so we sit directly behind them. After about 5 minutes I realize it's Jack Osbourne and his "ex", Robin talked to him and he was very nice so as he and his ex are leaving they standup and hug for an awkward amount of time in which I realize papparazzi are coming out of the bushes to snap pics, I am completely flipping out about this as A.) This is the one and only morning I didn't bring my phone on the walk to snap a pic and B.) Papparazzi? Really? It was weird. Long story short, this is the picture that appeared that afternoon on TMZ. I am SO in my element out here!!!! We also saw Robin Thicke drive by and he honked and waved because he knows Aunt Robin. Someone pinch me, seriously!!!

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