Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Terrible Blogger!!!

That brings us to last Sunday (June 13th). After 439 games of cards on Saturday, Aunt Robin and I decided we were bored and needed to devise a "plan" for Sunday so we turn to Uncle Phil. After a couple of turned down ideas we decide on a "family" picnic at the Bel-Air Country club for their annual "Tavern on the Green". These pictures are from the "swinging bridge" when you enter the club, it was the most fun and halfway through the picnic Aunt Robin asked me if I was having a good time to which I replied, "I feel like I am in a J.Crew ad but YES totally having a good time". Celebrities in attendance? Myself, Dr. Phil, Tom Brady, Lori Louglin, Mossimo (yep that's a real person, not just a brand of clothes) Luke Wilson and Billy Bush from E.T. which can I just say his hair was out of control so I referred to him as Ace Ventura the whole night! This was such a fun night.Well I have to go to pack for Cabo as I have been invited on a birthday trip with my Aunt Robin, her friend Michelle, and birthday girl Carla. Apparently the resort we are staying at is the one where

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