Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Terrible Blogger!!!

The thing about keeping a blog is that you actually have to update it regularly otherwise your biggest fans (Kennedy Brooke) will wonder what has happened to you!! So, where do I begin? Well I ended up not being able to go to a Jimmy Kimmel taping with the Kardashians due to some scheduling problems here at the house (I got to babysit little Avery, my cousin Jay's daughter instead) but that was okay. To make up for this however, my Aunt Robin made me an appointment to have my hair cut and colored at a very fancy salon named Prive here in Bevely Hills by a Parisian woman named Karren (pronounced Kadeen)..I won't put the amount of the cut and color but let's just say it was greater than my last month's house payment!!!!

So on my way to have my hair done I text my sister to tell her what was happening, she tells me "take pictures of the salon on your phone" to which I reply, "Shelli I am trying my best to not appear white trash so I better not". Me not appearing white trash lasted about 10 minutes. Let's back up, while getting dressed I wondered "What does one from Oklahoma where to a fancy Beverly Hills salon? I settled on a button up shirt and skinny jeans, I asked the housekeeper to press my shirt for me and she does so I get to the salon and am greeted by Karren and she gives me a black robe and says in her elegant Paris accent, "Vould you like to wemove your sirt?" uh, "Yes I would" I reply and she shows me to a curtain. I take off my nicely ironed shirt and put on the robe, I realize there is no place to put my shirt so as not to embarras myself by carrying it out holding it I fold it up nicely and put it in my purse and walk out from behind the curtain. "Oh, no no you put the sirt on ze hanger" says Kareen!! Uh, okay so I have just shown that I do not belong in this salon!! I laughed it off and in complete embarrassment I am walk to the chair. Come to find out Karren does celebrities such as Gwynth, Courtney Cox, Suzanne Somers and also worked on several movie sets for the past couple of years, very cool, very classy lady!! P.S. I LOVED my haircut and color!!

Another exciting thing worth mentioning: Every morning Aunt Robin and I go for a walk, 6 miles total, the first 2 1/2 is to get to a little bakery name Le Conversation where we sit and have coffee and toast and then walk the 3 1/2 back home. We always sit outside on the sidewalk as L.A. has the most beautiful weather and really it's the only place I wouldn't be to hot to sit outside and eat!! So we walk up to "our table" and realize it's taken by a guy with a mohawk and his lady friend so we sit directly behind them. After about 5 minutes I realize it's Jack Osbourne and his "ex", Robin talked to him and he was very nice so as he and his ex are leaving they standup and hug for an awkward amount of time in which I realize papparazzi are coming out of the bushes to snap pics, I am completely flipping out about this as A.) This is the one and only morning I didn't bring my phone on the walk to snap a pic and B.) Papparazzi? Really? It was weird. Long story short, this is the picture that appeared that afternoon on TMZ. I am SO in my element out here!!!! We also saw Robin Thicke drive by and he honked and waved because he knows Aunt Robin. Someone pinch me, seriously!!!

Terrible Blogger!!!

That brings us to last Sunday (June 13th). After 439 games of cards on Saturday, Aunt Robin and I decided we were bored and needed to devise a "plan" for Sunday so we turn to Uncle Phil. After a couple of turned down ideas we decide on a "family" picnic at the Bel-Air Country club for their annual "Tavern on the Green". These pictures are from the "swinging bridge" when you enter the club, it was the most fun and halfway through the picnic Aunt Robin asked me if I was having a good time to which I replied, "I feel like I am in a J.Crew ad but YES totally having a good time". Celebrities in attendance? Myself, Dr. Phil, Tom Brady, Lori Louglin, Mossimo (yep that's a real person, not just a brand of clothes) Luke Wilson and Billy Bush from E.T. which can I just say his hair was out of control so I referred to him as Ace Ventura the whole night! This was such a fun night.Well I have to go to pack for Cabo as I have been invited on a birthday trip with my Aunt Robin, her friend Michelle, and birthday girl Carla. Apparently the resort we are staying at is the one where

Friday, June 4, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel and...Jershey Shore??

Okay so let me set the scene for you: me, uncle Phil on our way to Jimmy Kimmel, he in a suit, me in my $13 dress from TJ Maxx wondering if it is appropriate enough for the day's activities, he puts on his bluetooth and dials the phone, "Yes Dr. Phil here I need to speak to Oprah....". It was at this moment that the regurgitated red bull came out my nose and all down my dress as I said and I am quoting, "Holy shit is that really Oprah?". At this point I'm pretty sure he is thinking how did I get stuck babysitting my white trash neice today?

So we get to the Jimmy Kimmel Live set and are greeted by PR, security, assistants, etc. and lead back to the stage where Uncle Phil will be filming his spot on a green screen (he was filming a spot about the NBA playoffs about LeBron James). After filming his spot, we gather to leave and in walks Jimmy Kimmel in a t-shirt, jeans and socks no shoes totally normal, down to earth guy. I get to meet him, shake his hand and he tells Uncle Phil that the cast of Jershey Shore is there and he should come meet them to which Uncle Phil agrees. We head back to their green room where Snookie and J-Woww are there waiting to greet us, the PR guy wants a picture of Jimmy, Dr. Phil, Snookie and J-Woww and so they get all set for this pic, after the PR guy takes a few of said pic I decide it's for the best that I get in on this photo opp and so I do. Afterwards, I wonder if I shouldn't start on some anitbiotics for the possible STD I might get from standing next to both of them, seriously they were guh-ross but how fun was this day? Jimmy's "people" said they would email me a copy of the pic of this random group and once they do, I will post to my blog. For the time being, I am going to post the pic from my phone of me and Jim, aka Jimmy Kimmel. Speaking of trashy, I got tickets to next Thursday's taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live where the Kardashians will be his guests, oh far, LOVING L.A.!!!!!