Friday, June 4, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel and...Jershey Shore??

Okay so let me set the scene for you: me, uncle Phil on our way to Jimmy Kimmel, he in a suit, me in my $13 dress from TJ Maxx wondering if it is appropriate enough for the day's activities, he puts on his bluetooth and dials the phone, "Yes Dr. Phil here I need to speak to Oprah....". It was at this moment that the regurgitated red bull came out my nose and all down my dress as I said and I am quoting, "Holy shit is that really Oprah?". At this point I'm pretty sure he is thinking how did I get stuck babysitting my white trash neice today?

So we get to the Jimmy Kimmel Live set and are greeted by PR, security, assistants, etc. and lead back to the stage where Uncle Phil will be filming his spot on a green screen (he was filming a spot about the NBA playoffs about LeBron James). After filming his spot, we gather to leave and in walks Jimmy Kimmel in a t-shirt, jeans and socks no shoes totally normal, down to earth guy. I get to meet him, shake his hand and he tells Uncle Phil that the cast of Jershey Shore is there and he should come meet them to which Uncle Phil agrees. We head back to their green room where Snookie and J-Woww are there waiting to greet us, the PR guy wants a picture of Jimmy, Dr. Phil, Snookie and J-Woww and so they get all set for this pic, after the PR guy takes a few of said pic I decide it's for the best that I get in on this photo opp and so I do. Afterwards, I wonder if I shouldn't start on some anitbiotics for the possible STD I might get from standing next to both of them, seriously they were guh-ross but how fun was this day? Jimmy's "people" said they would email me a copy of the pic of this random group and once they do, I will post to my blog. For the time being, I am going to post the pic from my phone of me and Jim, aka Jimmy Kimmel. Speaking of trashy, I got tickets to next Thursday's taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live where the Kardashians will be his guests, oh far, LOVING L.A.!!!!!

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