Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So on my way to have my hair done I text my sister to tell her what was happening, she tells me "take pictures of the salon on your phone" to which I reply, "Shelli I am trying my best to not appear white trash so I better not". Me not appearing white trash lasted about 10 minutes. Let's back up, while getting dressed I wondered "What does one from Oklahoma where to a fancy Beverly Hills salon? I settled on a button up shirt and skinny jeans, I asked the housekeeper to press my shirt for me and she does so I get to the salon and am greeted by Karren and she gives me a black robe and says in her elegant Paris accent, "Vould you like to wemove your sirt?" uh, "Yes I would" I reply and she shows me to a curtain. I take off my nicely ironed shirt and put on the robe, I realize there is no place to put my shirt so as not to embarras myself by carrying it out holding it I fold it up nicely and put it in my purse and walk out from behind the curtain. "Oh, no no you put the sirt on ze hanger" says Kareen!! Uh, okay so I have just shown that I do not belong in this salon!! I laughed it off and in complete embarrassment I am walk to the chair. Come to find out Karren does celebrities such as Gwynth, Courtney Cox, Suzanne Somers and also worked on several movie sets for the past couple of years, very cool, very classy lady!! P.S. I LOVED my haircut and color!!

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