Thursday, June 3, 2010

I made L.A. not Glee!!

I would like to start this post off by apologizing to the gentleman seated next to me on United flight 6443 to L.A. let's face it crying in front of anyone is always uncomfortable but crying in such close proximity to a stranger? Well, that's just awkward!! So I was a little sad to leave but I stopped...after we landed!!! (Kidding). That being said, after my 3 hour flight, I made it to L.A.!!!!!!! While walking to baggage claim I saw a nice young man in a black suit holding a sign that read, "Broaddus". Yes, it was "my driver"!! I snapped this pic of him taking my luggage to the car with my phone because I didn't want to seem like I have never had a "driver" before!

I got to Aunt Robin and Uncle Phil's (I should pause here and let you know that my aunt robin and uncle phil are the McGraw's as in Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw, yeah, I know!!) and got all settled in. Lunch prepared by a chef? Check. Unpack my blankie? Check. Hang my pic with Rascal Flatts in my room? Check. Now what? Well I went with them to look at a house in Bel-Air (yo holmes to Bel-Air and yes we did see the Fresh Prince's mansion from that show). It was a nice house a little small for my taste, the guest bathroom square footage wise was double that of my house in Oklahoma, no big deal.

Last night (yes I am a day behind blogging due to some wireless internet connection malfunctions - i.e. me) we hung out here at the house, popped open a bud light and hung out with Avery, their new granddaughter. Below is a picture of Miss Avery with the blanket my neice Kennedy sewed for her, she loved it!!!!

Today I woke up still a little jet lagged but ready for my 6, yes 6, mile walk with Aunt Robin, it was so fun just chatting and walking, sweating and chatting. She tweeted pics of me before the walk....and me after the walk, so funny!!! And then it was back to the house for babysitting, red bull, nap, pool time, colonic cleanse and lunch!

I just found out I get to go with Uncle Phil tomorrow to tape a Jimmy Kimmel special, super excited about this and then I am going out tomorrow night with my cousin Jordan. He is taking me to the Chateau Marmont, i.e. CELEBRITY HEAVEN, which he says he always see's famous people hanging out...So excited. Oh what to wear?

P.S. I am still learning how to post blog pics so forgive me I tell you to look at a pic and's not there!!

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